Trying to coordinate your sale with your buyer’s ability to close can be frustrating. Unlike other home buyers, we won’t be moving into your property. What if you get fortunate and find a buyer, but then they…

  • Change their mind?
  • Are obligated to more time on a lease?
  • Are not approved in time for their new financing?
  • Need to sell their other home first?
  • Try to renegotiate a better deal at the last minute?

And what if YOU are not ready when your buyer is, perhaps needing to buy or find your next home first?

You can avoid all these challenges when we buy your property… closing whenever you want… whether it’s next week or 6 months from now. If fact, we can close right away to get you your cash now and then let you to stay for as long as you need! Just let us know “when do you want to move?” plus a few more details we’ll need to get the ball rolling without obligation. Contact Us to submit your property info online or call us to get started today. If for some reason buying your property is not mutually beneficial, you’ll still have all your other options available … which we’ll also be glad to help you with.

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